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To provide Quality Training to all our Clients.

To provide accredited training for compliance with the Occupational
Health & Safety Act to industry and communities.


To supply sustainable job creation for trainers in rural areas where
the need for training can thus be addressed.

To empower small and BEE businesses to grow due to the sharing of resources and expertise of existing businesses.


2018 -2019

FIRST AID LEVEL 1 - LEVEL 3 Classes are in Cape Town. The Level 3 course, covers levels 1 and 2 First Aid training and student may do all three levels during the week.

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Becoming aware of those around you, whether they have first aid training or not. Would they know what to do if something happened to you?

Would you know what to do if something happened to you?

Does the security in your building or your area have first aid skills and knowledge? Must they wait for emergency services to arrive due to lack of skill or knowledge. They are usually first to be called in and should at least have basic first aid skills. Level 3 skills are even better!

Does your local Woolies or Pick&Pay have all their staff members trained in first aid, or do they have the minimum number of qualified team members and they might not be working that day?

There are so many shops and companies you enter into every day that don't have qualified first aiders, or they do, but the minimum required by law, and if that person is off sick or on lunch when you have a heart attach or a stroke or the baby comes early! You are on your own, unless you know what to do or someone else around you does.

The reason I wrote the above paragraph is to try and start a drive amongst South Africans to become aware of who around them can help in an emergency. Be prepared for any medical emergency.

It is importantly to encourage companies to train their staff, especially those that deal with clients and strangers every day.

Our mission is to educate all on the basic principals of first aid. We know if you can teach one person first aid, he/she will take that knowledge home and teach his/her family or even save a life (it could even be their own)

Knowing what to do in case of a crisis, can save lives. Just knowing what to do to save one life, will mean the world to there families.

"For each staff member trained, at least 10 people around that staff member will benefit from the training."

If you would like to learn the most important basic save a life skill that First Aid teaches you, Please contact us to book a course and confirm availability. We look forward to having you train with us!


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